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Autumn 2013 Stewardship - a Justice & Peace reflection
                           Syria - we can but pray

Summer 2013  How can churches respond to London's housing crisis?
                           Seminar on Family Migration

Spring 2013  Enough for for everyone IF
                           The welfare benefit changes

Winter 2012  CAFOD's Hungry for Change Campaign

Autumn 2012  Reflection on J&P conference on China
                           Trained for Leadership Challenges ahead
Summer 2012  One Hundred Days of Peace - Our Olympic Legacy
        Four Lentern Talks - Holy Innocents, Orpington
Spring 2012  Why should we Campaign? - Bernard White
                           Sing for you supper, Mary's Meals interview

Winter 2011  The work of The Manna Centre - Bandi Mbudi
                           Occupy St Pauls, What would Jesus Think?

Summer 2011  The Big Society - a call to true Apostolate
                           Fr Michael Scanlon
Spring 2011  Our Mission to work with and for Migrants
                           Bishop Pat Lynch

Winter 2010  Housing Justice - Alison Gelder
                           Winter in India - Charles Wilkinson    Solar Panels

Autumn 2010  Ecocongregations
                          Care for Biodiversity - Julie Cox

Summer 2010  After the election
                           A visit to Palestine

Spring 2010  The Election is Coming
                          Thoughts on a visit to India
Winter 2009  Homelessness - on the road to theology

Autumn 2009  “On the Road Together: A-mazed by Migration
                           Climate change or climate justice?
Summer 2009  Climate change and climate justice
                           Vulnerable Migrant Workers: The Responsibility of Business
Spring 2009  Catholic social teaching article
                           CAFOD Climate change campaign
Winter 2007  From prison governor to ships visitor
                           Voucher exchange appeal
Autumn 2007  CAFOD and climate change
                           Called to be peacemakers
Summer 2007  Oscar Romero
                           Lift the lid on bad loans - Jubilee Debt Campaign
Spring 2007  Live simply
                           Keep hope alive - olive tree campaign
Winter 2006  Prayers for Bethlehem
                           Christmas card recycling scheme 
Autumn 2006  Populorum Progressio - 40 years
                           Vulnerable Migrant Workers: The Responsibility of Business
Summer 2006  Unearth Justice - CAFOD Campaign
                           Water so precious, so fragile, so symbolic 
Spring 2006  Where is the worst place on earth to be a child?
                            Working to free themselves from poverty’ – report from Ethiopia 



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