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Lobbying Parliament by Phil Kerton

What is Justice & Peace - A Reflection by Mike McLoughlin
Powerpoint Presentation    Text for Presentation

Catholic Social Teaching                                                  

Renewable Energy for Home & Church  

Injustice & Economics  by Mike McLoughlin

Peace Trails through London - flyer.   
by Valerie Flessati

Articles by Fr Michael Scanlon:  The Big Society - A call to true Apostolate         AGE-ism?     Why Does the Lord want you to work for J&P?  

J&P Evangalisation talks      Evangelli Gaudium Presentation by Phil Kerton
    Current issues          Evangelli Gaudium Presentation.
by Jackie McLoughlin

Mare Nostrum A paper by Phil Kerton on the plight of refugees seeking to cross the Mediterranean 

A dossier prepared as background material for World Week for Peace in Palestine Israel 2011 Download  

Pax Christi  10-minute DVD exploring the alternatives to military spending  price 5 including p&p - or download from                







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