JPIC Updates Archive    
  November 2014  Campaigns against TTIP and nuclear weapons
  October 2014  Holy See - committed to working against climate change
  August 2014  Statement on Gaza, Bishop Declan Lang
  July 2014  St James, Petts Wood. Southwark's first LiveSimply parish
  June 2014 
Justice and Peace at the Evangelisation conferences

April 2014  Citizens UK social care campaign
  February 2014
  Campaign to become a FairTrade diocese
  January 2014  Go Green and support CAFOD
  New Year 2014 
The UK Common Rights Project
  November 2013 
New chairman for our Commission
  October 2013 
We need tighter regulations to protect from payday lenders
  August 2013 
Stop Sinai Torture   /   Eradicating Ecocide
  July 2013  Welfare benefit change booklets
  May 2013 
Exploring alternatives to military spending
  April 2013 
Campaign against the Arms Trade
  Easter 2013 
Pope Francis homily on Integrity of Creation 
  February 2013 
Enough food for everybody IF ............
  January 2013
 Housing Justice church Night Shelter franchise
  New Year 2013 
Live Simply parish award

  November 2012  Getting to grips with the economy
  October 2012  Campaign for a Fair Society
  August 2012  Pax Christi Peace Icon - Tax Bus

  July 2012  Hundred Days of Peace - Eltham event
  June 2012  Human Trafficking reports
  May 2102  Merchants of Doubt - climate change deniers
  April 2012  Making the case for Closing The Gap

Easter 2012  Help your neighbour - British Gas insulation offer
  February 2012  Live Simply Lent

  January 2012  Archbishop Peter's letter to The Times
  New Year 2012 
Welfare reform bill - Archbishop Peter writes
  November 2011 
Make a will - make a difference

  October 2011     Assisi - Religions journeying towards Justice & Peace
  September 2011     Justice in the World - 40th Anniversary
  August 2011     Trouble on our streets
July 2011      Day out at Minster Abbey
  May 2011      Vatican report on Global Warming

  April 2011      Progressio Empower
  Easter 2011      Ecumenical Accompanier Programme
February 2011    Regenerate meeting report
  New Year 2011    Urgent need to educate laity
  November 2010    Depaul Trust / Christingle services
  August 2010    Transition Towns

  July 2010    Corporate Responsibility and Ethical Investment
  June 2010   
We need the Government to act on poverty

  May 2010    Pope Appeals for Nuclear Disarmament

  April 2010    The election - what should we be asking?
  Easter 2010   
Alison's Pilgrimage       Amazon Alternative
  February 2010    Oscar Romero 
  January 2010 
   Papal Appeal following Haiti earthquake.
  December 2009    "If you want to cultivate peace, protect creation"
November 2009     Poor farmers escape poverty by going organic. 
  October 2009 
   Speach to UN on nuclear disarmament
  September 2009     Turning Crisis into Opportunity - the case for a "Tobin" tax  
  August 2009     Fairtrade Foundation - Palestinian olive oil
  June 2009     Strangers into Citizens Rally - report 
  Lent 2009    
Minister Joe Wright's prayer
  April 2008     Jesuit Refugee Service & general news
  March 2008     Housing Justice & general news




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